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Hi just want to share a review to who ever wants to actually create a “Groupon” Website it is advisable no it is recommended that you AVOID or DON’T use NDOT Deals script as what I can say here it is so bad that it has too many bugs in it.

For example if a customer bought a coupon from the website and in the middle of the transaction your customer internet got disconnected and unable to finish the transaction that need to reply back to the script saying that “Transaction is successful please issue a coupon!”. You as an administrator should have the power to actually issue the coupon manually if and only if this scenario happen, but sadly NDOT Deals script won’t allow you to do that!.

And you cannot actually clear the old transaction if you want to close your account at the end of the month. Clearly to say that NDOT did not do their market research well enough. If you don’t want to loose your money please find other alternative to a groupon clone script or create your own script as I personally say that NDOT Deals is NOT good. I’ve should have know when I read their motto “Dream On, We Deliver” yeah they keep on delivering things that can only be used in dreamland and not reality.

If you guys are wondering on what the hell am I talking about this product is what I am talking about