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For this tutorial I’ll be using :-
  • D-Link dir-615/620
  • DD-WRT Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/21/10) std
D-Link dir620
Steps to flash the router
  1. Set a static IP for your PC in the 192.168.0.x range with a subnet mask of ( for example).
  2. Connect a network cable from your computer’s network interface card to the WAN PORT (not LAN port, WAN port) of your DIR-615 G1.
  3. Turn off your DIR-615. Hold down a pin to the RESET button of the router (at the back next to its power socket) and turn on the router while holding this RESET button down.
  4. If you did this properly, the power button on the router should now be orange and blinking continuously. The router is now in Emergency Room mode.
  5. Open up Internet Explorer and head over to . Please use Internet Explorer as Firefox can cause some weird issues with this particular web interface.
  6. You should be able to see the Emergency Room interface.
  1. Hit the Browse button and select the Brainslayer DIR-615 rev D webflash firmware (dlink-dir615d-factory-webflash.bin) that you downloaded earlier. Upload it to the router.
  2. Upon a successful upload, you should be able to see a success confirmation message.
  1. Let the router reboot by itself.
  2. Once power light turns green.. unplug the network cable from the WAN port and plug into any LAN port on the DIR-615 router (I recommend ports 1-3).
  3. The routers IP should now be, so change your PC’s LAN IP from to something in the range (such as with a subnet mask of
  4. Now visit and configure your router’s security (password) settings.
Steps for Wireless Bridge Configuration
By following this steps, you will turn your normal wireless router to a wireless bridge which allow you to extends your LAN without the need of cabling. You might ask why do I want to create a wireless bridge instead of a repeater? the answer is that I’ve used repeater device before and the result are not so great. The repeater will repeat any signal from our wireless router and re-transmit it to our machine, but it will repeat and transmit any signals including from a broken data packet. While wireless bridge will act as a receiver instead of a transmitter like our wireless network adapters with an option of splitting it into more LAN connection using the ports that are available on the bridge device, from there you can attach another wireless router to extends your wireless range or just plug using the LAN ports. So lets begin the tutorial then!
  1. Continuing from the above tutorial, visit and login to your router.
  2. Go to Setup > Basic Setup
  3. Under the “WAN Connection Type” disable the connection type, STP -> Disable
  4. Next is Router IP:
    • Set the Local IP address to 192.168.x.2 (depends on the of the wireless router that you want to bridge with).
    • Gateway to 192.168.x.1
    • Local DNS to 192.168.x.1
    • WAN Port : checked the Assign WANT Port to Switch (optional)
    • SAVE
  5. After that Go to Wireless > Basic Settings and the following settings
    • Wireless Mode : Repeater Bridge (its actually a wireless bridge instead of a repeater :P)
    • Wireless Network Mode : Mixed (make sure the source wireless router is also using Mixed mode)
    • Wireless Network Name (SSID) : [the source SSID from the source router]
    • Wireless Channel : Auto
    • Channel Width : 20MHz
    • Wireless SSID Broadcast : Enable
    • Network Configuration : Bridge
  6. Wait for the Router to reboot and then it is DONE! if you are confuse with the steps refer to the image below
Step 1-4
Step 5-6