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First thing that you guys need to remember is that this tutorial might be a little old since I’ve already left RMIT. Just use this as a reference as it might be a little different from the current system.

    1. Download the latest phpmyadmin from
    2. Extract the content into phpmyadmin folder.
    3. Create a “config” folder inside the phpmyadmin directory.
    4. Upload the phpmyadmin folder to .HTMLinfo on yallara.
    5. Open up your browser and open your yallara link which might look similar to this<insert your id>/phpmyadmin/setup
    6. Once you are at the page please pay attention to the following tabs/boxes
    7. Image
    8. Create a “New Server”
      1. and you key in the following
        1. host :
        2. port : <the port number that is given when you install your MySQL>
        3. extension : mysqli
        4. authentication type : cookie
        5. user : root <it can be other user that you have created>
        6. password : <your user password>
      2. After all is done and the screen on number 7 reappear, click Save.
      3. Go to your filezilla and login to yallara
      4. Go to your .HTMLinfo folder
      5. Go to your phpmyadmin folder
      6. Go to the config folder
      7. Cut the file and paste it to your phpmyadmin folder (take it out of the config folder)
      8. DONE finish now you can login to your phpmyadmin through your respective URL