I created this page is to keep the knowledge that I’ve gathered in one place that I can certainly find it later in life..So that I don’t have to keep Google  them every time I want to use it..I hope it helps others who want to use the knowledge that has been gathered here..

  1. Sofia says:

    U cant able to summarise about u well…:( U don mention even ur name here…. then y do we need to believe ur knowledge rather than Google… ???

    • zairulkidz says:

      It is up to you either you want to believe it or not, I’ve created this page for my own personal purposes. All in here is what I’ve gathered over the internet and used it in my daily activities, instead of me needing to googled the thing that I might have did it before, I can just refer back to my page. Why do I need to mention my name on a page that I’ve created for my own usage? because I know it belong to me. I hope that answers you question.

  2. vincent Lau says:

    hi… just read ur post on dir-615 i want to know after we activate the dd-wrt firmware how do i use the usb port? can’t seem to find a way to turn it on. Please advice…

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