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Early 2107 a lot of people are talking about crypto currency and how much they made by trading them in the exchange, but I don’t really care about crypto at that time and I thought it is just a phase or just a hype to make people fall into a scam scheme…..then in November 2017 bitcoin rise up to $7000 then $8000 then it hit the $10000 mark, I was like “I should have started this earlier”. The funny thing is that my friend already invite me to start mining for crypto currency early 2016, mining is another way of earning crypto currency without the need to buy them on the exchange. So around October 2017 I have got my hand on an Ethereum Mining Rig which as in title says it was from China and you might be wondering why would I get a mining rig from China? and the answer is simple it is cheap compare to what has been offered in my local vicinity and it is already been assemble by the manufacturer so I do not need to take it out of the box and figuring out which cable need to connect to which socket. To cut the story short the box came, I took it out of the box and connect all the necessary components such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, power cord and I switch it on. It came with zero manual and everything is in Chinese (what do you expect? it came from china LOL), so I have to make a few try and error before I manage to change the bios language to English language and Windows 10 are in Chinese as well, no luck in changing that so I just try and error with everything. I manage to start the miner, set my wallet address and let it run for 30 days, the initial speed is about 27 MH/s and the power consumption about 1100 watts. That is another mistake that I did, more than half of my earnings goes to the electricity bills!!! and I thought that I won’t be able to break even in 8 month time if this goes on, so I did a little digging and I found that RX480 can be tune up to 29MH and run at less than 1000 watts by doing a bios mod on the card. The journey begins..

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Most tutorials online said that I have to do memory strapping, copying the HEX value from 1650 to 2000 timing…tried that and the result is 29.15 MH/s @ 1100 watts. So I adjust the core and memory timing using Afterburner, adjust the fan speed, the power limit and there you go I got it to run 29MH/s @ 1000 watts. I am still not satisfied with this settings as hashing rate increase the heat that the RX 480 produce also increase from 60 ℃ to 76 ℃ and I am turning the room into a sauna + the room temperature of 30 ℃. So here is the steps that I took in order to lower the watts and temperature, here are the list of item that I used and you may get the software by clicking on the list

  1. Ethos 1.2.7 since windows 10 is in Chinese

  1. Atiflash 2.77
  2. ASROCK Pro BTC H81
  3. Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3420 @ 3.20GHz
  4. tigo SSD 60GB
  5. 4GB DDR3
  6. Ellesmere Radeon RX 480 4GB Hynix Memory
  7. Bios to be use China_RX480_4GB_29MH_850w.rom

So lets start the tutorial

    1. Back Up the BIOS before anything turn sideways please save your original BIOS with this if you accidentally bricked your GPU you can always reflash them with the original BIOS.
    2. Download the China_RX480_4GB_29MH_850w.rom
    3. Follow this video from


Once everything has been running perfect here are the settings that I used in the local.conf files

maxgputemp 85
stratumproxy enabled
globalminer claymore
claymore=flags -wd 1 -r 1
claymore=proxywallet 0x1c79bc09d42fad698c6e04518882edbe20d64d32

flag –cl-global-work 16384 –cl-local-work 128 –farm–recheck 195
globalfan 75
autoreboot 3
flags -logfile noappend.txt

# RX 480 4GB
cor 70e6e7 1130 1130 1130 1130 1130 1130
mem 70e6e7 2070 2060 2070 2060 2070 2070
pwr 70e6e7 3 3 3 3 3 3
vlt 70e6e7 830 830 830 830 830 830